COPD Lung Disease

COPD stands for Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease – in short, obstructions to breathing. While it may occur naturally, more often than not, it is the result of excessively bad habits such as smoking, or unhealthy and polluted living conditions. And COPR is poorly reversible, meaning that the disease can be reversed only with great difficulty. The good news is that treatments are available, but many lifestyle changes are necessary for any treatment to be effective.

Smoking has been blamed as one of the major causes of COPD. Rehabilitation, vaccination and drug therapy can help a patient with COPD, and all of the treatments need a patient’s cooperation. Smoking while on COPD treatment defeats the purpose, making all efforts useless, especially when smoking can be prevented by choice in the first place.

Cold Turkey

A lot of bad press comes with the concept of cold turkey. Just deciding to quit smoking means adapting immediately to the cause, and this may harm your health. However, quitting smoking immediately is not necessarily harmful – in fact, any of the changes that your body may experience is really good for you. It is mostly a matter of belief – if you feel the need for crutches, then cut down on smoking, but if you feel you have the willpower to do so, do not let other points of view stand in your way.

In any case, even after a day or two of completely avoiding smoking, you will already feel the effects on your COPD and your breathing. Remember, just because a lot of people say cold turkey can be bad does not mean it is the law. That same point of view is probably what started you smoking in the first place.

Spontaneous Remission

Smoking is an addictive habit, and many treatments for the addiction are available. However, what most of the studies fail to mention is the concept of spontaneous remission – that an addiction can stop on its own without any treatment. And, spontaneous remission happens more often than you know – in fact, being diagnosed with COPD might very well shake up your senses and spontaneously give up the habit of smoking.

Gadgets and Accessories

Many aids and gadgets to successfully quitting smoking are on the market today. Nicotine patches, even nicotine flavored gum can be had at your local store. In some cases, the mere act of holding a cigarette can be enough assurance for a smoker trying to quit. Electronic cigarettes have also been invented to create that reassurance up to having something to suck at, as well as some vapor to smoke out. It is just a toy, an accessory, but if you are able to quit smoking, it really doesn’t matter which trick you use.

COPD and Lifestyle Changes

Any treatment will not work if the patient’s lifestyle runs contrary to the treatment, and it is especially true with COPD. Air pollution is inevitable, with unsafe working conditions you can try changing your employment, but with smoking, it is a choice, not an addiction. And you can always change your mind.