Living Life with HIV

First of all, HIV is not the end. It is still life, and maybe a kind of life that you have not known before, but it is just HIV. You will have to adapt to the condition, but it does not in any way mean giving up control over your life to HIV. You have a long way to go, and lots of things to learn.

But you don’t have to be an HIV expert overnight. But HIV is a long process, depending on how much you take care of yourself. And that is where you should begin – with the basics. Learn about HIV and maintenance first before anything, and how to stay happy with HIV. One step at time, even baby steps and you will find your way. A good doctor or health care provider goes a long way in that direction.

Maintaining Your Health

For one, having HIV does not mean no sex. You will always have to practice safe sex, as well as using sterilized needles at all times. This precaution protects you and the people around you – you against potential infections and other people from spreading HIV. You can get more recommendations from your doctor with regards to maintaining your lifestyle even with HIV.

You can also eat healthier foods and maybe begin exercising again. While it certainly has little effects against HIV, you are just making sure that no other potential diseases complicate HIV – staying healthy helps keep things simpler.

And definitely, your lifestyle will change because of this. For example, HIV and smoking do not mix. Neither is binge drinking advised – you will have to grow up, and fast. HIV makes you more aware of the consequences of your actions if anything, and in this case, HIV really puts things in perspective..

Preventing HIV Progression

At a certain point, you will have to know about CD4 counts – a CD4 cell organizes your immune system, and HIV messes it all up. Your CD4 count will be lower than average and as it falls, your doctor will begin talking to you about treatment options, and many regimens are already available for HIV disease regression.

Besides, the research on HIV includes clinical research, basic science, its epidemiology, and even its psychosocial effects, so treatments are not limited to medical ones, but encompasses as much of an individual as possible.

But in terms of medical treatments, several regimens are available – most of the more established therapies concentrate on inhibiting the reverse transcriptase of the HIV, which is a crucial part in controlling the virus and its mutation.

Your Quality of Life

But never forget it is still your life, your rules and your decisions. Western medicine has been widely criticized for treating a patient as a purely medical problem, and forgetting the whole of the person in the process. It is your responsibility for your quality of life, and that is something not even HIV can take away from you. Remember that HIV is just something you have, and not something you are. You are still going to be you.